Recriando na Comunidade [Recreating in the Community] Project

(Activity suspended since 2017 due to the coordinator’s retirement. For more information, please contact DAC at

The Arts and Culture Department develops outreach projects on recreation and leisure since 1983. After years of experience, it understood that the communities could organize their own activities. With this objective, the Recriando na Comunidade [Recreating in the Community] Project was created.

Established in 1990, the project offers courses in schools, associations and communities in general, aiming to provide tools for community leaders and other people interested in recreational and leisure practices in order to work with children and teenagers using artistic languages in creative ways.

The courses are requested by members of the community who, during the course meetings, learn how to organize a recreational event,  make toys from  scraps and use alternative materials for recreation, such as playdough and homemade paints. The project seeks to value the human resources and materials available in the community.

The lack of free space and the easy access to technology leads children, especially in urban centers, to passive leisure. The Project’s objective is to garantee a reacreational space where traditional games can be rediscovered, such as stilt walking, soap bubbles, painting, jumping rope, among others.

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