Culture and Events Department – DCEven

The Culture and Events Department (DCEven) manages UFSC Culture and Events Center and gives support to the organization of institutional and academic events, as well as to graduation ceremonies. DCEven also supports events that stimulate the participation of the university community and the external community in cultural and artistic activities such as theater, music, cinema and dance.

The main responsibilities of the Culture and Events Department (DCEven) are:

  • manage and schedule the facilities of the Culture and Events Center, Rectorate Hall and Auditorium and the Ecumenical Temple for the organization of academic, cultural, artistic, institutional and religious events;
  • organize and coordinate UFSC graduate ceremonies;
  • organize and coordinate UFSC institutional events’ protocols;
  • plan, develop and implement new technologies related to the services offered at the Culture and Events Center;
  • manage and provide infrastructure for the exhibition of academic papers at the Culture and Events Center’s ground floor hall;
  • manage and provide infrastructure for the performance of the Música no Lago [Music by the Lake] Project.

DCEn seeks to offer quality and continuous services to students, faculty, administrative staff and the community in general, committed to the public character of UFSC Culture and Events Center.

Director:  Rosemar da Silva

Phone: (48) 3721-6486 / 3721-4768