Cinema – Documentary

The UFSC Cinema Division is one of the main bodies responsible for the return of the movie production in Santa Catarina, which took place during the 1980s.

Supporting the production of short films (which are part of Santa Catarina’s modern cinematography) for more than two decades, UFSC Arts and Culture Department (DAC) became one of the main references in the area of artistic production in Santa Catarina, hosting, until not long ago, the Associação Cultural Cinemateca Catarinense [Santa Catarina Film Library Cultural Association] and the Fundo Municipal de Cinema [Municipal Film Fund]. Along with these two entities, DAC and the Santa Catarina State Government signed a cooperation protocol for the development of the sector.

Furthermore, understanding public access to these works as a fundamental aspect for the continuation of the cinematography movement in the region, DAC took to schools and cities, through the Cinema na Comunidade [Cinema in the Community] Project, the movies made by their developers.

DAC’s cinema division helps projects in the areas of production, exhibition and cinematography training.

See below the movies made in Santa Catarina which were produced or supported by Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina:

1987: “Bruxas” – Fictional documentary, 30’ 16 mm/color;

Script and Director: Mauro Faccioni Filho. (Support from UFSC/DAC)

1990: “Manhã” – Fiction, 10’ 35mm/color;

Directors: Zeca Pires and Norberto Depizzolatti. (Production by UFSC/DAC)

1991: “Farra do Boi” – Documentary, 25’ 16mm-color;

Directors: Zeca Pires and Norberto Depizzolatti.

(Production by UFSC/DAC)

1991: “O vôo solitário” – Dramatized documentary, 36’ 16mm/color

Script and Director: Everson Faganello. (Operational Support from UFSC)

1992: “Desterro” – Fiction, 18’ 35mm/color

Script and Director: Eduardo Paredes

(Support from UFSC)

1995: “Alva Paixão” – Fiction, 18’ 35mm/color

Director: Maria Emília de Azevedo

(Support from UFSC)

1995: “Nanutezas Mortas” – Fictional documentary, 15’ 35mm/color

Director: Penna Filho

(Support from UFSC)

1996: “Ponte Hercílio Luz – Patrimônio da Humanidade” – Documentary, 30’ 35mm/color

1996: “Victor Meirelles – Quadros da história” Fictional documentary, 25’ 35mm/color

1998: “Novembrada” – Fictional documentary, 20’ 35mm/color

Director: Eduardo Paredes

(Support from UFSC/DAC)

1998: “Seo Chico – Terra e Alma” – Documentary, 11’ 35mm/B&W

Director: José Rafael Mamigoniam

(Support from UFSC)

1998: “Bruxa Viva” – Fiction, 14’ 35mm/color

Director: Lena Bastos

(Cultural Support from UFSC)

1999: “Fronteira” – Fiction, 25’ 35mm/color

Director: Maria Emília de Azevedo

(Support from UFSC/DAC)

2001: “Roda dos Expostos” – Fiction, 19’ 36mm/color

Director: Maria Emília de Azevedo

(Support from UFSC)

2001: “Ritinha” – Fiction, 23’ 35mm/color

Director: Antônio Celso dos Santos

(Support from UFSC)

2001: ”Ilha” – Fiction, 15’ 35mm/color

Director: Zeca Pires

(Cultural Support from UFSC)

2001: “Alma Açoriana” – Fictional documentary, 45’ 35mm/color

Director: Penna Filho

(Support from UFSC)

2004: “Procuradas” – Drama (Pseudo-documentary), feature film

Directors: José Frazão and Zeca Pires

(Support/Participation from UFSC)

2010: “A Antropóloga” – feature film 35mm/90min

Director: Zeca Nunes Pires

To know more about the Cinema activities,  contact: or +55 48 3721 9348 / +55 48 3721 9447